Road and Area Lighting Design Service


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Our Lighting Design Service;

Our design service is flexible and tailored to your needs. From small private schemes to larger adoptable section 38 and 278 works, we will work closely with you to achieve the most suitable and economic lighting solution. 

We only need a copy of your layout plan with a brief description of your requirements. For some projects, you may require information about existing lighting equipment, for feasibility study or planning application. We can provide this information from a site visit and make recommendations prior to design. Subsequently, you will receive a lighting design utilising the minimum of new equipment; fully integrated into the existing scheme. 
All of our designs will meet the latest British Standards and most current Local Authority specifications. We understand that even the best of plans can change.  So, our service is flexible and includes the opportunity for comment and revision
prior to final issue of your design package.

                                              Your Lighting Design Package;

Your design package will be complete. It will include Local Authority technical approval for lighting scheme adoption and will satisfy planning condition requirements.

It will contain your lighting design drawing and electrical distribution design if required, complete with a schedule of equipment.  As we work in AutoCAD, your lighting design can easily be incorporated into further site layouts.  Additionally, this provides for ease of distribution and project costing.

Your technical report will contain all necessary lighting calculations, descriptions of equipment with supplier details and other information including a copy of the most up to date Local Authority specifications for installation and adoption purposes.

    Lighting design drawing with column positions and equipment
Technical report containing calculations and all necessary documentation
    Local Authority technical approval for all adoptable schemes
    Lighting designs which meet planning approval conditions for private developments
    Electrical distribution diagrams where required


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