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Welcome to Highway Lighting Solutions Ltd. As independent consultants we provide a professional lighting design service tailored to your needs.  Using industry standard design software, our lighting design solutions will be technically efficient and cost effective.  Your lighting design will be provided electronically in AutoCAD format for ease of incorporation into your development plans.  Our design service extends to a range of Clients from small businesses to leading Land Developers and Traffic and Road Consultants.  Our design packages have been technically approved by many Local Authorities around the country.


  •   Residential developments

  •   Public amenity areas, footpaths and car parks

  •   Home Zone Initiatives, traffic calming schemes

  •   Roads, roundabouts and dual carriageways

Complying to the latest lighting design Standards and Local Authority specifications, you will receive a complete lighting design package that meets Local Planning conditions and if required, those of the Local Authority for lighting scheme adoption.  Additionally, professional indemnity insurance covers all of our designs.


  •   All designs to British Standards and Local Authority specification
  •   Lighting designs for section 38 and 278 adoptable works
  •   Technical approval from Local Authority where scheme adoption is required
  •   Private lighting schemes in compliance with Local Authority planning conditions
We can also provide;
  •   Site visits to evaluate existing schemes for upgrade
  •   Electrical distribution design

Your lighting scheme will be efficient and provide the right amount of light in the right places. You will be provided with the best solution from the leading manufacturer’s ranges.  We won’t over specify on equipment and will choose the best products from the leading manufacturers.  We will work with you to ensure you achieve what you need within your budget and on time.

      Classic                          Urban                          Heritage                       Modern                          Functional

Lighting for new housing developments
Main road lighting schemes

Road and junction lighting upgrades


Car parks and public area lighting

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